As a teacher:
      Marianne absolutely loves and believes in the classical pilates method as the BEST way to find and create balance in your body and in your life. Contrology (Pilates) features exercises that teach you HOW to move effectively and efficiently and Marianne uses her energy and enthusiasm to motivate you to discover your true potential through movement! If you enjoy a challenge, if you want to improve your performance in sport and daily life, if you want to learn an effective approach to health and fitness Marianne is the teacher for you.

As a lifelong learner, competitor and coach:

     A native NYer, Marianne began studying traditional karate in 1979 at the age of 12 and competing for 20+ years winning many titles and accolades. In 1994 as a member of the US Karate team she earned 2 silver and a bronze at the I.O.G.K.F. World Championships. Over the years in her pursuit of the martial way she has trained in Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Aiki Jitsu, Aikido, Thai Boxing, Kali, Escrima, Okinawan weapons and Kung Fu. Hpwever, none of these captured her heart like her GOJU ryu (Hard/Soft Style) of karate. She currently holds the rank of 6th degree and is one of the highest ranking women in the world in this traditional style and continues to travel to Okinawa to study whenever possible.
In 1997 Marianne was offered a job to teach karate and fitness at The Olympiad in Coral Springs, FL and moved from NYC. It was there that she discovered and fell in love with both Judo and boxing. In 1997 she captured the Sunshine State games title in Judo and in 1998 was the first ever female Golden Gloves Champion in Florida. Even though she did not start boxing until age 32 Marianne was able to rise to the top of her craft winning the US National title in 2000 and competed successfully as a professional boxer for 12 years fighting the best of the best around the world. In 2005 she was ranked #3 in the world at 108# and in just her 5th pro fight fought in Korea for the IFBA junior flyweight WORLD title losing a close decision to the hometown favorite. Living and training in Vero Beach as a boxer Marianne worked as the conditioning and weight management coach for many fighters including Olympic gold medalists and professional World champions. After retiring from boxing she used this experience and knowledge to create her company "Meals By Design" where she created nutritional programs and cooked for her clients, but most importantly she coached and mentored them to embrace a healthy lifestyle of eating and exercise.

Discoving Classical PILATES:
A few years ago while practicing karate Marianne noticed how much of a change her body had undergone and how her posture and alignment were suffering from almost 4 decades of full contact fighting. She heard about Pilates and decided to look into it. Knowing nothing, her first experience was with contemporary Pilates and although there were some benefits she sensed there was MUCH more to the method. It was then that she sought out and discovered the CLASSICAL method and her teacher David Freeman who challenged and inspired her from the very first session. David is a 2nd generation teacher trained in NY by Romana Kryzanowska and the head of the USPA where she gained her certification.
Totally captivated by the method and the tremendous results it creates she continuously pursues her  knowledge and understanding by seeking out other 2nd generation teachers and travels to train often with Chris Robinson, Moses Urbano, Kathi Ross-Nash and before his passing, Bob Liekens. She is now the owner and founder of Blaze Pilates.